Effectur, Inc.

Lead Web Developer/Architect

September 2008 – September 2009

Led the transition of the development process from ad-hoc, as needed development to a more structured agile process using SCRUM and Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server.  This change allowed for better collaboration between the growing IT team, better input and requirements from the stakeholders and improved quality and reduced development time.

Implemented Effectur-Connection, a SharePoint-based Intranet website used to communicate company information, provide for team collaboration and training and serve as the primary document library for all customer authorization forms, contracts, in process forms and documents and completed financial information and reports.  The document library used version control and tracked the history of changes to all documents.

Developed the initial database design and architecture for the Electronic Signature (ESign) system and integrated ESign into the customer portal.  ESign allows customers to view and authorize contracts and legal forms using their mouse to “sign” the forms.  Documents were then stamped with digital certificates to prevent unauthorized changes and saved to our SharePoint document library.

Re-designed and implemented the updated customer portal to display case progression and tasks status, provide payment history based on individual client cases.  New portal allowed clients to access case documents and educational content based on services purchased.  Used ASP.Net 2.0 membership to provided authorization and authentication for access to the secure site.

Re-designed corporate website and implemented content management system that allowed marketing team to quickly add and alter online content to manage PPC campaigns and online advertising.  Changes allowed marketing team to fully control the cycle of advertising campaigns without involving the IT team to get new content online or to source incoming sales leads.

Created automated web lead engine that collects and distributes incoming web leads to our sales team.  System tracks real-time availability of sales agents to ensure leads are assigned to the currently available agents depending on performance metrics, which are determined and weighted by marketing team to determine the agent priority.

Designed and developed manual mailroom indexing application, which is part of our mailroom automation system.  The manual-indexing app is a web-based application that monitors network folders that contain documents that are not indexed automatically by our OCR system.  These documents that are presented to users for customer and document identification and then automatically indexed to the correct network share based on their identification.

Developed system that analyzes client tax information collected from the IRS and creates an automatic tax analysis report.  This report is then used by customers to fully understand their tax situation or by internal resolution analysts to sell the correct services needed to resolve the customer’s non-compliance issues.

Developed the automated notification service that tracks status and notifies the customer and their sales agent via e-mail of specific milestones in their case progression.  System is integrated with our client portal so the clients are directed there for full case history and current status.

Created the Effectur Toolbox, an internal website used to consolidate and control access to various online tools used by different groups within the company.

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