Center for Creative Leadership

Lead .Net Developer/Architect

May 2013 – Present

For a detailed description of some of my CCL most recent CCL work, please checkout my portfolio page.

Senior .Net Developer/Consultant

August 2007 – September 2008

Developed the Web Resources application, an online resource request and assignment system built on ASP.Net 3.5 technologies.  The web client communicates with a Windows service using WCF calls to allow program planning managers to request resources needed to run open enrollment and custom training programs.  Resources are managed via an online calendar and notified of status changes as their assignments move through the resource planning process.  Web client uses tools from the AJAX toolkit to guide resource requestors and holders through the process

Designed, developed and maintain the Classroom Toolkit, a .Net Windows application used by trainers to organize and coordinate participant information for training programs.

Abstract software implementation using object-oriented design patterns.  Develop data provider classes using the Microsoft standard pattern for data providers.  Software abstraction follows OO design guidelines.  This provides encapsulation of functionality and code isolation, which allows for higher software quality and easier maintenance over the lifetime of the project.

Work with agile software development process, which increases developer collaboration and decreases implementation time while improving software quality.  Short development iterations allows for rapid response to changing user requirements.

Developed software unit tests to facilitate test-driven-development.  Unit tests are implemented using industry best practices for code coverage and functionality testing.

Coordinated work with Microsoft Team Foundation Server and MS Project Server to track development progress, remaining work items and total completion percentage.

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