Delivery Support Tool

CCLDelivery Support Tool (DST) is a project that began in Fall 2019 to consolidate multiple, separate CCL web applications into a single platform for managing CCL event operations. The separate applications were used by CCL faculty, operations staff, coaches, and retail assessment facilitators. The goal was to create a single, unified platform for managing CCL operations without creating a single, monolithic application that would increase maintenance complexity.

I led the team that implemented DST in the winter & spring of 2020. The project included creating a DST theme that incorporated all CCL branding standards and approved colors while providing a unified look and feel for all pages of the application. I identified the theme for purchase, customized it to CCL's specifications, and led the implementation of the five initial modules of the DST application.

One module was a legacy .Net full framework MVC application that was rebranded using the new DST styles while retaining the current, and thoroughly tested, application code. The other modules were re-written from the ground up using .Net Core 3.X.

Rollout of DST began in April 2020 and included a soft launch of the primary module, onboarding of 2300+ users, role assignments, and training. We further spent a sprint cycle stabilzing the modules and working through the intial support workload achieving a successful roll-out by April 24.

Technologies used:

  • Microsoft .Net Core 3.x, .Net MVC 4.x & jQuery
  • SCSS
  • Entity Framework Core, Entity Framework, & SQL Server
  • REST development & integration
  • Azure DevOps build, deployment & web hosting

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