CCL Compass

CCL Compass™ is a digital tool that distills and organizes more than 50 years of leadership expertise, creating personalized strategies that help leaders build on strengths and improve in areas of development. CCL Compass brings development to life so it means something real and helps people move forward.

Compass began in 2017 as a tool to allow leaders to review their 360 assessment results using integrated, online charts, which allowed them to quickly identify strengths and/or weaknesses, and determine priority areas for development based peer and boss feedback. When equipped with this information, the leaders were able to create a customized plan for development based on 50+ well-researched chapters of guidance and practical steps for developing competencies and avoiding career derailers.

In 2018, Compass became the centerpiece of CCL's retail assessement products. Purchases of 360 assessments included a one year subscription to allow users to take their assessments and develop specific plans for development. This resulted in a significant increase in year over year assessment revenue.

I was the lead architect and developer on Compass and it's supporting systems, which included integration with Piranha CMS and the development and use of multiple REST APIs for consolidating and displaying assessment results.

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Technologies used:

  • Microsoft .Net MVC 4X & jQuery
  • Entity Framework & SQL Server
  • REST integration
  • Azure DevOps build, deployment & web hosting
  • Automated import of XML assessment data from 3rd party scoring system

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