Beyond415 was a recognized authority for IRS issue resolution practice and procedure in the accounting community outside of Their award winning website,, was the first-in-market SaaS solution for tax issue research and resolution for CPAs and tax practitioners. Awards included:

  • CPA Practice Advisor's Technology Innovation Award (2011)
  • K2 Enterprises New Product Quality Award (2011)
  • CPA Practice Advisor's Reader's Choice Award (2012)
  • Top New Product - Accounting Today (2012)

I was a founding member and Lead Architect for the creators of I led the design and development using web service libraries, Ajax, web clients, mobile technologies and agile development methodologies. Led in the development of the architecture for the systems that enable the delivery of:

  • Issue research and resolution guidance
  • Workflows that guide users through the practice and procedure necessary for resolution
  • Integrated editing of Word and Excel documents and auto-completed IRS forms
  • Case management with notifications of status updates and progress
  • Integrated client history and reminders
  • Secure messaging and document sharing with clients
  • Self-guided continuing education courses with history tracking
  • Secure user and client authentication
  • Account and payment processing for multiple partner, promotion and channel specific marketing strategies

Technical details and accomplishments:

  • Design and implementation of websites using MVC .NET, jQuery libraries & plugins and token-based authentication using AES encryption.
  • Design and implementation of Windows services layer that exposes services using the WCF architecture for communicating between customer-facing websites and services layer.
  • Architecture designed to enforce data security model to prevent access to customer data from web servers.
  • DTO model using XML serialization between clients and services.
  • Developed ORM software layer using the Fluent NHibernate and the ASP.NET 2.0 provider model. Software allows for quick database and software development by replicating ER structures in software and abstracting the database routines from the developers and allowing them to work with native .Net objects instead of ADO.NET objects.

Design and implementation of an XML-based workflow and business rule engine that allows for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to quickly develop and alter customer wizards, application flow, calculations and content to without involving developers or forcing code compilation.

Led in the recruiting and hiring strategies to build the development team. Primarily responsible for hiring several key positions including additional lead and UI developers, DBA and QA staff. Conducted screenings, fact-to-face interviews and had authority on final hiring decisions.

Established software design methodologies including Scrum/Agile development processes, configuration and release management procedures and software and database best practices.

Beyond415 was acquired by H&R Block in April 2014.

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