Asset Store

Asset Store is an enterprise wide asset management system that allows for the secure storage, sharing, and transfer of digital assets between participants and coaches within CCL's ecosystem. The system allows applications to store any asset (PDF, audio/video file, etc.) securely using Azure blob storage and AES encryption. These assets can have multiple versions, which are each stored securely and tracked during their entire lifetime in the store. Metadata properties allow applications to define their own criteria with which assets can be retrieved for later display.

The asset store was built in 2015 and has been used to securely store and transmit 250,000+ assets to date. I was the lead architect and developer. I also managed the project in lieu of a dedicated PM.

The store uses a REST API interface and a custom blob store file system interface to handle assets. I also developed a proprietary key management algorithm that is used to provide AES encryption for all assets at rest in the store.

Technologies used:

  • Microsoft .Net web API, .Net MVC 4.x
  • Azure blob storage
  • AES encryption
  • Entity Framework Core, Entity Framework, & SQL Server
  • REST development
  • Azure DevOps build, deployment & web hosting

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